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LC8 790-890 Reducer Clutch Oil Jet (Larger Size 0.5mm) – CJD-ORJ50-790


Bike Model: KTM 790-890, Norden 901  19+

4 in stock (can be backordered)

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790-890 ADV jets – Available in .5mm sizes and OEM .3mm   – This is a product offered due to email interest and demand. Extensive long term testing has not been done, but I have been running it in my 790 ADV R for over 6,000 miles from BDR routes to single track GNCC racing.  The consensus of riders and customers is that the more oil to the clutch, the better it works and holds up to off-road abuse. I am currently running the .5mm on my 790 R.

Why do you need a Reducer Clutch Oil Jet?

– The oil jets controls oil flow to the fibers and bearings in the clutch.

Why change the size?

This is an item that is supposed to be inspected to be sure of clear flow at the first service – 600miles. New bikes come with a .3mm jet.  some were clogged with excess Loctite. They can be challenging to remove. I find it best to have a spare on hand when you plan to check it. just in case.

The larger you go the more oil gets to the clutch parts and also keeps the clutch cooler.

I offer an oversize .5 mm to allow more flow of oil to the clutch pack.

– The oil jet can get clogged with fine particles. This should be checked every 5,000 miles. Most riders never check this until there clutch is acting up. It might be too late already. Having a slightly larger hole also keeps it from getting clogged as often.

If you ride hard, more cooling to the fibers is a good thing for long life.

Loss of oil pressure to other areas could happen causing engine damage due to lower oil pressure. Engine warranty may be void per KTM. By ordering this product, you assume all risk.


CJD KTM Oil Reducer Jet



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