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CJ Designs Adjustable Side/Center Stand Modification


If you do not have an existing stand to send in, please choose from the following options for a new stand.


Built after our Canadian Trans-Lab bike trip several years ago when I found it hard to find a place to park the bike once fully loaded.
This modification has given me the option to set the bike for a perfect lean angle no matter how I have it parked or loaded. Do you need this option too? Read on….
I’ve put over 100,000 miles on this setup and it’s working great, the larger foot I welded to the bottom is a huge plus when parking in the dirt. ( Picture shown with out fat foot ).
Modification is user friendly -unlock the jam nut, a little turn of the foot up or down and you can get your perfect lean angle too. Now all of my bikes have this and it is so handy.
As mentioned above I can also weld on a larger bottom plate ( “Fat Foot”) to aid in dirt parking. I found those bolt on units can get loose, rattle and just plain drove me nuts so the addition of the welded on larger bottom plate solved that !
If you are interested in ordering please follow these steps: Email us if you have any questions !

DIY kit available – For those that have a welder and fab skills, but would like these parts already machined for a great fit, I now offer the same parts I install in all these modification builds. Order the DIY KIT now! (cutting, welding, and fab tools required) When welding on, put threaded end inside the leg, not the foot. See pic above.

1 – Choose your bike make and model.

2 – Choose your modification.

CJD-ASSK- / Modification to your stand- Stock to Minus 1″ Allows for 1″ of travel adjustment. (Most riders request Stock to Minus 1″ of adjustment done. If you have a shorter stand with a toe tab, this most likely will need to be relocated if you want it retained.  Remember to add that to the option list.)
**CJD-ASSK- / CUSTOM Length Modification to your stand Allows for 1″ of travel adjustment like above BUT you retain a longer length stand over all.
**CJD-ASSK- / CUSTOM Shorten Modification to your stand Allows for 1″ of travel adjustment BUT you retain a shorter length stand over all. (If you have a shorter stand with a toe tab, this most likely will need to be relocated if you want it retained.  Remember to add that to the option list.)
3 – Choose any extras you might like.

Add Fat Foot (Weld on foot)
Custom Side Stand modification “other “/ toe tab relocation – PLEASE NOTE WHEN YOU ORDER what “other” you would like. Do you need tab relocated ? or added because your stand doesn’t have one? Etc. If you need to discuss before hand just send us an email- we can get you info/quote.
**CUSTOM ORDERS : After ordering please send us an email letting us know how much shorter or longer you want your stand to be ( ie 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, etc .. ) Please note some requests for shortening or lengthening may not be possible. We will let you know ASAP if your request is not recommended or doable.

***If you need your stand sooner – please upgrade to 1-2 day RETURN shipping. (Labor time is still the same)****

What to do after you order…..

Wait for a confirmation email from us that gives you directions on where to send in your stand for modification. If you have a tight deadline PLEASE contact us first to check on the current shop schedule. This is an exchange service, we do not stock “core” sidestands, but we can order you a new one if you need us to. If you want to keep your stand stock and have us do the modification on a new stand for you please email us for pricing and availability. It is always good to have your OEM stand part number for us.

Once you have heard from us we will ask that you send us tracking # for your stand. This helps us keep track of all modifications coming and going and schedule service/shop time accordingly.

Once we get your stand, we are normally able to mod, paint and reship your stand in 2-3 days. Please email before shipping, so that we can let you know if we are in the shop or not. There are times when we are closed and not able to offer this service. Contact us before sending anything in. Please send it Pre-paid to the address we provide once we setup your service time.


SIDESTAND NOT INCLUDED ( unless otherwise listed on price list below)


If you require a new stand please email us for quote/info.














page updated 7.15.21

CJD Adjustable Side Stand Modification Kit


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