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KTM 950/990 Adventure, 950 SE 2-into-1 Pipe Exchange Program


Bike Model:
KTM 950 ADV, 950 SE, 990 ADV

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Order this reconfigured OEM 2-into-1 pipe and then send your pipe back to us and the core charge will be refunded back to you.

We send you a re-manufactured cut and tig welded OEM 2-into-1 pipe, you remove yours, install the new pipe and send your old one back to us and we’ll refund your $275 core charge.

This pipe has great flow and is professionally welded. Nice and clean, inside and out, no performance robbing sharp corners or rough edges. Also, compare the “H” pipe on our pipe for better, more even flow. Fitment is just like stock, it fits like a factory pipe.

This matches up with the Remus Revolution silencer or any other silencer that has the 3 bolt style OEM flange mount to change your bike into a single sided exhaust and drops about 15 lbs. total weight off the bike and leaves you room to add a fuel tank or tool kit where your left side exhaust was.

You will probably need to replace the two exhaust gaskets in the collector pipe, KTM Graphite Gasket.

Please return your pipe clean and well packaged for full refund. Minimum $50.00 deducted from refund for pipe cleaning or above average rust/ corrosion.

Please note that all cores are thoroughly inspected when sent to us and could be determined not acceptable as useable core if the core is beyond being able to be cleaned up and salvaged. We reserve the right to make this call to ensure that the re-configured pipes we send out to all of our customers are in a condition worthy of selling. If you have a question please don’t hesitate to email us at IF YOU ARE UNSURE OF YOUR CORE . PLEASE SEND PICS ! ! with a note. ( updated 1.1.19)

We build these for the 950/990 ADV and the 950 SE. Please select to correct version below.
At this time I no longer stock pre-made OEM 950 ADV or SE pipes as the bike is no longer produced. Best thing would be to send your OEM pipe in.

Please place your order on-line and once processed I will schedule time to get this done based on when you can send it in. I will then send you the shipping info for when we can get this done. Our turn around time is about 2 days when we are in the shop. We return it USPS priority 2-3 day in USA.

DO NOT SEND YOUR OEM PIPE IN BEFORE CONTACTING US FIRST, if you do, I will need to process an extra service charge before work is done for extra shipping.
If you send your package with signature confirmation your order may be delayed by 2-4 days.

CJD-2-1 pipe ADV – As these bikes are starting to age and miles increasing, we want to make sure you get a pipe back that is acceptable. Currently we don’t have any A+ condition pipes. If your pipe has corrosion on it you won’t be getting your full core charge refund. – please contact us with pictures to help verify. If you want your personal pipe rebuilt into a 2-1 we can do that. We’ll let you know when to send it in. – email if you have any questions

CJD-2-1 pipe SE -We have one SE pipe in stock ready to sell. (painted high temp black for display bike build) After that we will ONLY BE OFFERING REBUILD OF CUSTOMER’S PIPES – NO CORES AVAILABLE – email if you have any questions
(Updated 1.11.19 )


2 Into 1 KTM Collector Pipes


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