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CJ Designs Adjustable Side Stand Modification – DIY Kit


CJD-ASSK-DIY hardware kit- FREE Fat foot included!  YOU DO THE WELDING

6 in stock (can be backordered)


CJD-ASSK-DIY hardware kit- FREE Fat foot included! (G-H7) YOU DO THE WELDING

NEW DIY kit (above picture is a complete modified stand, not the DIY hardware kit) – For those that have a welder and fab skills, but would like these parts already machined for a great fit, I now offer the same parts I install in all these modification builds. Order the NEW DIY KIT now! (Cutting, welding, and fab tools required) When welding on, put threaded end inside the leg, not the foot.  For KTM/Husky  690/701/790//890/901/950/990/1090/1190/1290 up to 2021.  Or use this for a custom bike build.

Built after our Canadian Trans-Lab bike trip several years ago when I found it hard to find a place to park the bike once fully loaded.
This modification has given me the option to set the bike for a perfect lean angle no matter how I have it parked or loaded. Do you need this option too? Read on….
I’ve put over 100,000 miles on this setup and it’s working great, the larger foot I welded to the bottom is a huge plus when parking in the dirt. ( Picture shown with out fat foot ).
Modification is user friendly -unlock the jam nut, a little turn of the foot up or down and you can get your perfect lean angle too. Now all of my bikes have this and it is so handy.
As mentioned above I can also weld on a larger bottom plate ( “Fat Foot”) to aid in dirt parking. I found those bolt on units can get loose, rattle and just plain drove me nuts so the addition of the welded on larger bottom plate solved that !

Email us if you have any questions !


If you require a new stand please email us for quote/info.

CJD Adjustable Side Stand Modification Kit – DIY


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