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Clutch Cover Window Rebuild kit – CJ Designs Clear


Bike Model:

950/990  &  1090/1190/1290

FYI the rebuild service option allows you keep warranty.

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Over time you may find your clear cover window can get scratched or hased due to offroad use and cleaning products.

Soap and water is the best way to clean it as other cleaners can etch the plastic face.

We offer a rebuild kit to make it good as NEW again and it includes:

– NEW poly window

– NEW bolt set

– NEW o-ring

Everything you need to rebuild it, but the loctite.

These bolts are loctited in the base with BLUE loctite.   Best way to get them out without stripping them is to apply low heat to break the loctite.

If you would like to keep your warranty valid on this product you will need to send your cover in for service.   (warranty is only valid to original purchaser)  We will clean, rebuild and ship it back.  If you want a new face put on we can do that also, just add the face of your choice to the order.  (See other face options elsewhere on site)

We can also ship this kit to you to rebuild this on your own.

If you choose to send your cover in, PLEASE WIPE OFF AS MUCH OIL AS YOU CAN WITH A RAG.  Then put in a Ziplock plastic bag.   The postal service does not like to deliver boxes that are dripping with oil, and you may have it returned.




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