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Pivot Pegz Foot Peg Extension – LONG


Bike Model:

Will fit the new MK3 style Pivot Pegz

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These CJ Designs foot peg extensions will fit the Pivot Pegz MK3 model.

MK2 are older design and narrower (51mm wide) – NO LONGER AVAILABLE

MK3 is newer wider design. (60mm wide)

This is one of the essential items that should be added to nearly every bike before you ride it. Give yourself the pleasure of riding with a secure platform for your feet that give positive grip and extend the foot bed so that you aren’t riding with just half your foot on the peg. If you stand up at all this will revolutionize your confidence level and make for a far less fatiguing ride.


-CNC machined billet aluminum
-Stainless steel traction pegs
-Anodized orange, black or machine finish (bare alum.)
-Long adds 1 5/8″ length and 1/2″ width
-Requires drilling 3 holes in your stock peg for mounting
(easiest if done in a drill press)

Order Shorter Standard version here.

You can also send your pegs in if you’d like us to install them.  See option above.


If you want a complete MK3 Package with EXT and pegs, please email or call us for current stock and package pricing

DON’T FORGET ! We are also a Pivot Pegs Dealer.  Please see option above for ordering AND send us an Email to letting us know you ordered and telling us what Year , Make & Model you have.

MK2 PIVOT PEGZ are no longer stocked in the USA.  We have stopped production of the extensions.

Email us if you have any questions.





Pivot Pegz, Long


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