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CJ Designs Kickstand Sidestand Relocation Bracket – KTM 950/990 ADV/SE


**SOLD OUT until further notice**

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Finally a solution to an overlooked problem. This bracket relocates the kickstand on your KTM Adventure or Super Enduro from the engine to the frame. Now you can ride any terrain without the worry of cracking your engine case ever again (which is a real, and expensive danger with the stock KTM mounting position. $4,000+ repair bill)

– This is a complete bolt-on KTM Kick Stand bracket to relocate the kickstand from the engine case to the frame.

– Works on all years of the KTM 950/990 Adventure and 950 Super Enduro. This will not work on the SM or SD bikes.

– Made from 0.250″ cold rolled steel and powder coated black. Includes all mounting hardware.

– Stock kickstand mounting bolts and spring bolt re-used.

– No interference with centerstand or saddlebags.

– Only bracket on the market that has the strength to allow mounting the bike using the left footpeg. GO Ahead- Climb on up!

– This bracket also locates the sidestand about 1.25″ out from center line and behind the peg. This offers a more stable parked bike with rear luggage.

Due to KTM building many different suspension packages over the years, some bikes may stand up more vertical than others. Contact us about a special PROMO offer on our adjustable sidestand kit to make your bike sit at the perfect angle no matter how light or loaded your bike is geared up.

– Don’t be fooled by the other copies. Ours is locally MADE IN THE USA from steel, not aluminum, making it the strongest bracket on the market today and includes all mounting hardware.



– Available as an option is a plug-n-play extension cable for those that do not want to bypass or jumper out the kickstand safety switch. Just select “w/cable” or “w/o cable” below to order the style you prefer.

– We also try to have the KTM sidestand disable switch in stock for the 990 Adventure and 950SE.

Bracket WITH 990ADV OR 950SE Disable KIT OPTION #3
OR …..

Order your individual Sidestand Disable switch here. If you are looking for disable switch only for your 950 ADV / SE or 990 ADV.
If this sidestand relocation bracket looks familiar it’s because it is based of a proven product that had been out on the market for several years under the name “” and developed by “PABiker”. There are hundreds of them in use around the world. Now CJ Designs has tweaked it to make it better and taken over production of the best and strongest relocation bracket on the market.

Order your Relocation bracket and 950/ 990 ADV Skidplate Combo here. SAVE $$
These are being made in smaller batches due to the ending of the 950/990 ADV bike line. ORDER NOW!




NEW 2015 CJ Designs version

– New pattern to help clear the chain better on Taller “S” and “R” models with longer 277mm suspension travel.

– Upgraded hardware package for a more finished factory look.


2014 CJ Designs version – New pattern to help clear the chain better on Taller “S” and “R” models with long 265mm suspension travel.


2012 CJ Designs version – Extra gussets are added to aid in breaking the beads on your rear wheel. Not only is it a side stand, but also a functional “TOOL”. NO other sidestand relocation bracket can do that.

CJD SRB and Parts

Product Options

# Option Price Sale Price
1 950/990 Sidestand Relo Bracket WITH OUT CABLE (#CJD-SRBK-LC8) ( L) SOLD OUT $150.00 $135.00
2 950/990 Bracket WITH CJD EXT CABLE, (#CJD-SRBK-LC8) (CJD-SRBEC-LC8) (125/35) (L), Y-L3) -sold out $186.00 $160.00
3 950/990 Bracket with 990 ADV AND 950 SE KTM Sidestand Eliminator kit (#CJD-SRBK-LC8, #61011046044)(125/35)(L, R-D3) -sold out $186.00 $160.00
4 CJD-SRBEC-LC8 – Extension cable (Y-L3) $36.00
5 CJD-SDP-950ADV – Sidestand disable plug for 950 ADV (Y-L2) $35.00 $26.00
6 KTM Disable kit for 990 #61011046044 (R-D3) $32.00
7 CJD-ASSK – Modification to your stand-Stock to Minus 1″ w/ return shipping ($15) SPECIAL PRICE WITH PURCHASE OF SRB $125.00 $100.00
8 CJD-ASSK-DIY hardware kit- FREE Fat foot included! (BLK-10)) SPECIAL PRICING WITH PURCHASE OF SRB $58.00 $39.00
9 KTM Sidestand Switch Bypass/ Dummy Plug for KTM 690, 950, 990, 1190, #61011046000 (R-D5) $36.00 $35.00
10 Sidestand removal Spacer – Misc part (R-D4) $8.00



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