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CJ Designs Billet Oil Filter Cap



CJ Designs now offers a great Billet Oil filter cap in Orange or Black.

So you’re thinking, how can this cap be better than the OEM cap?

1)  A magnetic pickup version that aids in getting extra metal debris out of your engine and it can also be used as a tool to remove the oil filter easier from the engine case.

2) It has a better O-ring system to keep the o-ring from getting pinched or out of alignment.

3) It has internal and external cooling fins to help shed some heat.

4) It’s available in ORANGE OR BLACK and it’s Billet, not cast!

950/990/1190 motors use one filter cap, older RFS engines use two.

Use on any bike not listed that utilizes KTM part #59038041000 OIL FILTER COVER RACING or #75038041200 OIL FILTER COVER





cjd-oil filter cap

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Orange, NO magnet -CJD-OFCK-LC8-O (Y-M2), Orange WITH magnet – CJD-OFCK-LC8-MAGNET-O (Y-M4), Black, NO magnet – CJD-OFCK-LC8-BK (Y-M1), Black WITH magnet – CJD-OFCK-LC8-MAGNET-BK (Y-M3)


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