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The E-Base WP


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Unrack System for Enduro and smaller Dual Sport bikes.

Afternoon dash on the local trail? Weekend dirt tour? Multi-day camping trip? Your luggage needs are always changing.

The Wolfman Unrack System gives you the ability to easily change your luggage to match your ride length, gear needs, and your style. The E-Base provides the foundation. Three simple and easy mounting straps attach the E-Base to almost any Enduro or smaller Dual Sport bike. Then attach the motorcycle bags and accessories that match your ride. Try the 100% waterproof Small 303 or Classic Rolie Bags for shorter trips, or Medium Rolie Bags for longer more gear-intensive trips. Accessorize as needed with a Bottle Holster for fuel or water, a Pitkin Pole Bag for tent poles, or a Tincup Pocket to keep small items handy.

Wolfman introduced rack-less saddle bags bases way back in 2010. Nearly a decade later, we’ve fully transformed our popular E-Base and B-Base (for Adventure and larger Dual Sport bikes). Each 2020 base is constructed of two layers of our custom 840d TPU and plastic in between make this motorcycle luggage system incredibly durable and increases its stability. And, as with all of our rack-less saddlebags, all of the mounting straps are replaceable, always, so never be afraid to cut excess strap-ends for a tidier look. This is the Wolfman’s favorite system!

The E-Base will fit most Enduro bikes and smaller Dual Sport bikes, like KTM EXC, EXC-W, Husky FE and TE Series, Yamaha WR, and WR250R, Honda CRF Series, Suzuki DRZ 400, Kawasaki KLX 250.


  • Uses our popular Rolie Bags for a versatile system
  • No Side Racks needed
  • Two-layer 840d TPU fabric with plastic in between for durability and stability
  • Laser-cut webbing slots for increased bag stability and versatility
  • 2” D-rings for multiple attachment points throughout
  • 2” wide webbing for stability.
  • All high-stress areas are reinforced.
  • Designed in the USA and Made with Wolfman legendary care and quality


  • Fitment bike width 5”/ 12.7cm to 8”/ 20.5cm.


  • 2.9 lbs. / 1.3 kg.


  • Black

Bags and accessories sold separately (including Rolies shown). Colored 303 Rolies are no longer available.


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