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The most complete and comprehensive Canister Delete Kit available for your KTM 790. Designed to help you remove and delete the factory Evaporation Recovery System. Eliminates the possibility of vacuum lock in the fuel tank when the bike is dropped and the canister fills with fuel. This kit includes everything you’ll need to clean-up your engine compartment, recapture some storage space, and drop approximately 1 pound of weight.

Legal Notice!

Installation of this kit is intended for closed circuit competition puposes only. Modifying any portion of a motor vehicles emissions system can be in direct violation of state, local or federal laws. Please consult your local authorities for more detailed information regaurding specific vehicle modification and equipment laws in your area. The purchaser of this performance kit acknowleges that it is not intended for street use.

A personal note – There’s a great deal of confusion about the factory KTM SAS and Evaporation Recovery System (Canister). From a tuners point of view, it does not effect the performance of your bike. The SAS system simply injects a small amount of cold air into your exhaust system during the warm-up period to help burn off excess hydrocarbons. This helps your catalytic converter reach operating temperature a bit quicker. The Evaporation Recover System, or Canister as it’s often called, collects fuel vapors that would have normally escaped from your fuel tank while the bike is either parked or running, and redirects them back into the intake system to be burned along side your regular intake cycle. Both of these systems do nothing to reduce your bikes performance, but they do help contribute to a clean environment.

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Installation Instructions – 790R Canister Delete

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 1 in


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