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Everything Base for Tincup Pocket WP


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Use the Tincup Pocket as a small non-intrusive “tank bag” on bikes with peaked or crowned gas tanks. The Everything Base is what makes this possible. Most tank bags won’t fit well on crowned tanks (Neither the Enduro nor Blackhawk tank bags) but this base attaches to the bike by the radiator shrouds and sits right behind the crown for a much better and more secure fit.

The Everything Base can also be used as a belt pack or attached to a Rolie Bag so you can use a Tincup Pocket as an accessory pocket, so it’s super versatile.

The Tincup Pocket (sold separately) attaches to the Everything Base with 4 inches of hook fabric (of hook-and-loop) and a 1 inch strap for total security.

Mounting note: Tank must have either radiator shrouds or openings for the mounting straps to pass through.

Features include:

  • Side-strap mounting to bike that is adjustable and replaceable so they can be cut to fit
  • Tin Cup Pocket (sold separately) will be held securely by 4” loop-fabric and by 1” quick release buckle
  • Designed in the USA with Wolfman legendary care and quality
  • Imported


  • 4 in / 10 cm X 7-1/2 in / 19 cm


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