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  • 990-1290 Adventure (ALL)
  • 950 Super Enduro (ALL)
  • 950-990 Supermoto (ALL)
  • 990-1290 Adventure (ALL)

It’s known that the rear brakes on the 990 thru 1290 Adventures are prone to over heating which causes the brakes to fade and fail. This has been a problem dating back to when the 990 Adventure was the beast roaming the plains. KTM has done very little to combat this problem which is where Braketech steps in. They have designed an upgrade that helps with this issue. If you tend to rely on your rear brakes and have experienced issues such as brake fade and failure read on.

Late model OE calipers have come a long way in terms of both performance and design. Far more rigid than their predecessors, the late generation examples from Brembo and others provide ultra stiff and relatively lightweight designs have been instrumental in bringing braking performance to new levels.

But they’re still using problematic aluminum pistons – lightweight, yes, but also highly conductive in providing a huge heat path into the hydraulics. BrakeTech is now addressing this with specially engineered ventilated stainless steel pistons of a proprietary material that all but eliminates those shortcomings:

• Reducing thermal conductivity by 94%
• Dramatically improves piston retraction, reduces brake drag
• Increases top speed due to reduced/eliminated brake drag
• Reduces or eliminates fluid boil
• Improves release time for greater control exiting the apex
• Improves overall braking consistency under severe racing conditions



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